Sustainable Insulation

A green solution

Platinum Fibre’s Fabufill, is the perfect ‘cradle to grave’ green Insulation material. 

For a insulation material to be truly considered as green, it needs to save more energy in use than is used in making it. Fabufill’s thermally bonded polyester insulation is manufactured from 80% recycled PET (locally sourced, from post-consumer waste, which would otherwise be diverted to landfill) & 20% virgin LMF. 

1 ton of Fabufill’s polyester insulation is manufactured from approximately 38 000 recycled bottles, locally sourced.

The material is compressed into plastic bags, enabling more rolls to be loaded onto each delivery vehicle, thus reducing carbon emission and cost from transportation.

The plastic bags used for transporting the material are made from virgin LDPE material and is 100% recyclable, Grade 4. The inks used in the packaging are food grade.

Why use Platinum Fibre’s Fabufill?

In today’s highly-regulated insulation industry, Fabufill’s polyester insulation meets the exacting standards the industry demands and is certified by the SABS mark. 

Thermal Insulation

One of Fabufill’s polyester insulation material’s primary benefit is its ability to restrict heat transfer in a building, making the building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer to reduce the need for heating and cooling (and in turn, energy consumption and CO2 emissions).

Acoustic Insulation

By absorbing sound waves, polyester insulation improves the acoustic performance of roofs, ceilings, partitions and walls and restricts noise transfer within a structure, between two buildings or to the outside world.

Customer Service

Not only do Fabufill have a SABS certified product range and cutting-edge manufacturing but, by forging close relationships with a nationwide network of merchants and distributors, we can deliver our products to your sites, economically and quickly. 

Our partnerships with our distribution network are key to providing an industry leading level of service to specifiers and end users, a package that’s constantly reviewed and improved to meet their changing needs.

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