Our Mission Statement

Our mission, as Platinum Fibre, is to challenge the industry thinking and to create innovative insulation solutions backed with the SABS mark, that shape the way we live and build our property in the future. Platinum Fibre put people at the heart of our business, starting with care for the people who make our products, through to the people who use them and the environment we live within.

Platinum Fibre lead the way in SABS certified polyester insulation products, providing the highest performing and innovative polyester insulation solutions and services for a world that can be trusted with its future, by responsibly sourcing recycled raw materials and converting into insulation products that can reduce energy costs and emissions.


Compliance in manufacturing, laws and regulations, is epitomised with our commitment to ensuring the validity of the SABS mark.

SABS mark certified

Platinum Fibre​ is proud of its industry leading status, that we are the only polyester insulation manufactured in South Africa, that has the SABS mark.

What does it mean for the consumer?

  • The polyester insulation material complies with a standard specification SANS 1381-1:2007 Materials for Thermal Insulation of Buildings | Part 1: Fibre Thermal Insulation Mats. It means that the product was subjected to vigorous tests to make sure it complies with the standards.
  • The product is fit for purpose and it will perform according to the SANS specification.
  • Products are safe for use.
  • As the product is carrying the SABS mark, consumers can contact SABS if the product is not doing what it supposed to do.
  • We are proud to display the SABS mark icon on our products.

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