Roof Insulation

Insulating at roof level maximises both space and thermal efficiency, whilst also contributing to acoustic performance. Fabufill polyester insulation products will deliver multiple benefits including thermal and sound performance for both new and refurbished roofs.


Platinum Fibre’s, Fabufill polyester roof insulation solutions provides a thermally efficient insulation solution for roofs. The thickness of the roof insulation is generally restricted to the depth of the rafters, as the roof insulation is laid between rafter and retained in position with straining wire.


The first layer of polyester ceiling insulation is laid between the rafters to the same depth as the joists themselves. Should additional thermal performance be required then additional layers can be laid at right angles under the rafters, with all edges butt jointed to prevent thermal loss. A plasterboard or board is then required to keep the insulation in position.

Fabufill polyester roof insulation is easy to install in a roof construction, as this range of SABS approved polyester insulation is non-allergenic, non-irritant and resilient insulation does not support the spread of flame, (Class B/B1/2 fire rating).

Please contact our technical service department for advice regarding the correct installation practices to achieve continuity of insulation at the wall/roof junction without blocking eaves vents and ensuring adequate ventilation of the roof space.

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